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2019 Events at The Walled Gardens at Croome Court


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Series of Art Exhibitions on Display in The Walled Gardens

We are delighted to be hosting a series of outdoor sculpture and indoor art exhibitions this year. They will showcase the work of talented and creative artists and provide inspiration for garden and art lovers alike. All exhibits will be available to purchase.

Friday 19th April 2019 to Sunday 9th June 2019

Meet the Artist – Visitors will have the opportunity to meet the artists behind the work on Saturday 20th April 2019. Please note that the images below are examples of artists work and may not feature in the exhibition.

Outside Exhibition: Ian Marlow

Sculptor Ian Marlow is based in Somerset and a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors.

There is a bold freshness in Ian’s use of stainless steel which he often accents with other materials such as corten, glass and powder-coating. His work is inspired by natural forms and it’s this acknowledgement of nature which gives his sculptures their universal appeal.

There is a natural fluidity to Ian’s work which allows his sculptures to sit so easily into both traditional and contemporary settings, both interior and exterior. Ian exhibits widely and is regularly commissioned by corporate and public bodies as well as private clients.

“The texture I add to the steel sculptures makes them shimmer playfully as you move around them and as the daylight changes and the seasons alter. It picks up the colours from its surroundings so subtly that you hardly notice it, but when you look into their curved forms its there, waiting for you”.

Ian Marlow – Lily

Outside Exhibition: Angela Palmer

Angela’s work is a direct response to the human figure. Fascinated by the spirit the figure conveys, it is the essence of being human that Angela is expressing in her sculpture.

Angela’s approach to her work always involves the direct observation of another human being. Working mainly with female models, as she feels a direct connection with them, she believes there to be an unspoken communication between artist and model which helps to express this empathy in her work.

Angela’s sculptures will enhance the experience of being amongst the beautiful plants and promote that sense of calm and oneness with nature which one can feel in a special space like a walled garden. Ever anxious that her work should retain the traces of how it is originally made, so that there is a directness and honesty in the modelling and mark-making, Angela follows a careful process. Her sculptures are made in clay directly from a model and then cast into resin, into which bronze metal powder has been incorporated. Each piece is frost-proof and because the bronze metal is exposed at the surface, the patination will continue to develop over years of exposure to the weather.

Angela Palmer – Misty

Visitor Centre Exhibition: Frans Wesselman

Raised and trained in the Netherlands, Frans is a member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers whose paintings, etchings and stained glass each tell a story.

Frans is inspired by literature, Shakespeare, the bible and poetry. Sometimes his own experiences are the beginning of a series of sketchbook scribbles that lead to a finished piece. He also draws inspiration from nature and, though that rarely leads to a finished piece, it underpins everything else.

Frans explores different disciplines. Not having made wood cuts since his college days, Frans took it up again a few years ago and is now enjoying working with the flat colours and strong, bold lines. In etching he enjoys the subtlety of detail that can be achieved with line and aqua tint. And in stained glass it is the combination of the colours of the glass with the drawn and painted detail, as well as its origin in the narrative medieval tradition, that he finds particularly attractive. “Art is based in one’s attitude to life, and in both I muddle on, making many mistakes, sometimes getting things right. I always try to make the work more direct, better conceived and more spontaneously drawn or painted. For better or for worse, my present work is the result.”

Frans Wesselman – Melville goes fishing

Visitor Centre Cabinet Exhibition: Sharon McSwiney

Sharon McSwiney has been designing and making her work successfully for nearly 30 years. Originally from Worcestershire, Sharon now lives and works in St Ives.

Sharon creates a range of jewellery and metalwork inspired by the sea. Working in copper and brass, she handcrafts decorative wall pieces featuring seaweed and sea creatures with soft verdigris finishes. Local beach combing providing endless inspiration for limpet and seaweed jewellery. Seahorses and mermaid designs also feature in Sharon’s work with the soft verdigris finishes and colouration making each creation a one-off. Inspired by the nature around her, Sharon also produces leaves and birds in rich copper and brass finishes with etched decorative details. Quirky jewellery featuring British wildlife such as foxes and hares is also a popular range – and a new ‘Crazy Cat’ collection of jewellery reflects Sharon’s love of felines too!

Sharon McSwiney – seaweed detail