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Photo credit – Victoria Cronin


National Trust Croome

In 1997 Croome’s landscape park was taken over by National Trust and at the time The Court was in private ownership, however, at the end of 2007, it was purchased by the Croome Heritage Trust. National Trust now lease the property on a 999 year agreement and have since opened The Court to the public since September 2009. The Rotunda is in Croome Heritage Trust’s ownership and is inclusive of the 999 year lease of Croome Court, as are the London Gates. Although part of Croome’s famous landscape designed by ‘Capability’ Brown, 5 acres of the 7 acre 18th century walled gardens were acquired separately by the Cronin family in June 2000 when it was nothing more than an overgrown wilderness with dilapidated buildings. In 2013 National Trust Croome and the Cronins formed a partnership which saw the walled gardens opening to visitors over 6 months of the year, on weekends, plus Fridays and Bank Holiday Mondays.

For more information on visiting National Trust Croome, please visit www.nationaltrust.org.uk/croome