2001, Growing – the pain & pleasure

Growing – the pain & pleasure

The pains taking process of clearing the site was now approaching its first anniversary. Enough progress had been made to enable us to concentrate on preparing a few small patches for planting. It was a great feeling to reach this first mile stone. We were finally putting something in rather than taking it out.



This was about to become the Herb Garden. The old climbing rose agreed to oversee this part of the project.


Karen and Roy decide to create a ‘holding bed’ to receive the influx of wonderful plants which kept popping up around the garden. The retreating brambles and self-seeders may have had something to do with it. All that remained  of the old Orchard House, was the brick borders of the beds. An ideal place for the ‘holding bed’. It just needed a little bit of weeding.



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Outward views

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what is going on outside the walls when you’re knee deep in restoration duties. Croome has so many beautiful historic features, and you don’t need to stray far from the gardens to appreciate some of them. Saint Mary’s church looks over the landscape from its strategic position.



The London Arch, as it’s known to us, towers over you as you enter Croome.


and the Mansion sits in its rightful place, at the centre of the stage.


The Rotunda is arguably the most significant of the seven ‘eye catcher’ follies scattered around the park. Located just outside of the Walled Gardens to the south east, it is lined with a magnificent plaster work interior.

Scooby doesn’t care for plaster work, though, because it is not edible.